OptionBot 2.0

optionbot head bannerThe OptionBot 2.0 is a binary options indicator that works by detecting profitable trading opportunities in both the positive and negative trends. When the OptionBot was first released years back (version 1.0), thousands of binary option traders saw a lot of success with the program. The original software was developed by Gary Davies in late 2010 and mainly focused on providing quality signals for currency pair traders. When the new version OptionBot2.0 was released, it came with improved modifications to the trading algorithm of the original bot version. Because of its original version success, option bot 2.0 naturally went viral and even more popular with new and experienced traders. Alexa, a site that records webpage particularities in the ENTIRE world wide web, ranked option bot 2 very high among a list of countries around the globe.

Its popularity is a result of its accuracy, reliability and ability to reach great results. We found this to be a very impressive achievement, given the fact that this industry is full of scams. OptionBot 2.0 was created with beginners in mind. If you are new binary options, no need to panic because you will be guided with step by step instructions. There is a reason why they have attained the reputation of the world most accurate binary options robot. Plus they are supported by many Binary/Forex authorities like ForexEmpire.

How Does The OptionBot Work?

Its very similar in respect to the first version, but with a lot of new features added to the current version. It performs as a currency pair indicator synchronized with the customers trading platform on their broker. When there is a good trading opportunity, the option bot sends the signal to your trading platform, and can also be set to execute the trade itself on your behalf.

Option Bot 2.0 browser is compatible with up to 15 different binary brokers and you are free to use up to 8 of them AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Option Bot is an automated robot that carefully follows full technical analysis of all the major currency pairs followed by signals sent to your platform during trading hours. Its quite impressive to see that you can set the bot to trade for you using your own settings. Yes you have read that correctly. It can execute trades 100% automated for you. Having said this, it is very important to sign up with a broker using the OptionBot interface. Refer to our Trusted Brokers List.

OptionBot 2.0 Performance

The option robot has the highest performing signal provider in the industry. With accuracy figures ranging from 75% – 95%, its no wonder it holds such a reliable reputation. Having said this, it is plain to see that this program, with such success, is definitely profitable in the long term. Performance is documented and well verified with the thousands of testimonials of satisfied traders all across the web. Its traffic rankings are among the highest in terms of daily visitors.

If you’re a novice or advanced trader, and you plan to continually trade currency pairs on your binary options platform, you should strongly consider adding the Option Bot into your arsenal.

Special Features of OptionBot 2.0

  • first 10 trades are guaranteed to win or your money back
  • free 7 day trial
  • 24/7 online and live customer service
  • live telephone support service
  • Sync to many platforms and brokers
  • ultra-fast trading algorithm
  • educational webinars
  • special one-on-one Option Bot Training
  • signal alert patterns are fully customizeable
  • supported by many forex/binary authorities including FOREXEMPIRE
  • no hidden charges

PrestigeBinary was very impressed with OptionBot’s operations. An interesting fact we found is that after you purchase the current version, any updated versions in the future will be yours free for life. With their helpful customer support and reliable service, OptionBot2.0 is a product that will not disappoint.