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Using Binary Option Signals and Auto Trader Systems can consequently give you the razors-edge in elevating your profits. Signals are alerts from a particular service sent VIA Email or SMS form. Daily signals very in expiries raninging from short term and ling term trades. Long terms trades can expire anywhere from 1 hour to the end of day. Short term trades can expire from 30, 60 seconds, 2-5 minutes, 15min – half hour. On the other hand, Auto Trader systems remove the action of manually placing trades yourselves and execute the process on your behalf.  As you know there are two types of market analysis, technical and fundamental. But if you are just starting your journey in binary options trading, reading all these graphs, keeping up with market news, and studying trends can get very overwhelming. As a result, by popular demand, many newcomers sign up for a binary option signals or auto trader services.

Free Signals? There are many binary option signals & auto trading services that require no registration or payments, and even free trial memberships. Signing up with with free trials grant you the opportunity to test a binary option service before becoming a paid member. Just remember that even if you subscribe to a free trading program without any registration fees, you are still required to initiate a trading account with a binary broker. These options are ideal for any trader who is not yet registered with a broker, or for traders looking to join different brokers for the purpose of testing a binary application or service.

Prestige Binary’s Recommended Binary Option Signals & Auto-Traders

United Trading Network Copy the PRO’s, Fully AUTOMATED Trading Signals, Manual Signals, Vote your for the BEST Trades! These are among the many features provided by United Trading. EASY For beginners! Winning Trade Rates of 86% ITM / Higher! Positive reviews from member’s online trading success has flooded search inquiries. United Trading Review 

Lexington Code – By far the most thorough automated trading application available for everyone! Implementing numerous variables for selecting winning trades with amazing accuracy & precision. Supported by all Binary/Forex authority blogs and favors by traders world-wide. New Updated Trading Results! – Lexington Code Review

Nuvo Finance – A new trading software based on real technical & fundamental analysis trading strategies. A trading system configure with BOTH automated & semi-auto features and simple settings for trader’s preference. Undoubtedly among the best systems for 2017. New Update – Personal Trading ResultsNuvo Finance Review

BinaDroid – The BEST turbo trading software with a Minimum $5 per Trade! The lowest seen in any autotrader, great for newcomers and completely versatile. Allows the user Full Control over its performance & amount of autotrades the software performs – Binadroid Review

#1 Gold Asset Automated Trader is a simple yet effective auto trader focused on the gold commodity. The creators of the GolgDigger.Trade software (Anthony & Ronald) are the same who delivered the Forex GPS back in 2006. The GPS Forex has been endorsed by Authorities such as, and other leading Forex sites for their proven success. Anthony and Ronald have now created a new “gold digging” software with a great reputation, delivering high ITMs for both Binary Option Traders and Forex Investors. Join a system from created by those who have been delivering legitimate successful trading services for almost 10 years. (Updated September 20 2015)

Mike’s Auto Trader is a successful and proven auto-trading system. With over 30 signals delivered automatically every day, their track record and consistency with binary options trading is evident in delivering over 80% ITM success rate on a daily basis. NEW UPDATE: Joining Mikes Auto Trader grants all members free invitations to Mikes Private Binary Options Signals Group!!!

Mikes Auto Trader

Michael Freeman’s Private FaceBook Signals Group is the largest ACTIVE binary Facebook group in the around. This is the best Facebook community in the industry with the finest traders, delivering outstanding ITM results of over %80 ITM. Mike rewards his top traders in the group for generating good signals and motivates new members and talents with high cash rewards!! As an active member, PrestigeBinary invites you to join with 2 simple options.  1.– Sign up with Mikes Auto Trade and automatically get access to Mikes FB Group  2.– Sign up with one our Recommended Brokers of your choosing, then email us at and receive and invitation. Mikes FaceBook Group

Citidel LTD – A great innovation to automated trading softwares for 2016 as it focuses on trading in high volatile market movements. A real trading strategy used by professional traders who implement technical/fundamental analysis. New Update: Visit our review for Live Trading Results – Citidel Review

GPS Forex Robot (Forex Traders) – Proven and documented performance results on! The creators of GPS Forex are the same who recently brought us the Successfully Effective GoldDigger App!! This software has been around since 2006, a BEST SELLER, and is highly endorsed on many Forex Forums and Portals. One-time Fee, no broker registration is required, 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee!!

***All These binary option signals and auto-trading bots have been ranked highly on many Binary/Forex authorities such as ForexEmpire and Investing Forums

Using binary option signals can consequently give you the razors-edge in elevating your profits. As you know there are two types of market analysis, technical and fundamental. But if you are just starting your journey in binary options, reading all these graphs, keeping up with market news, and studying trends can get very overwhelming. As a result, by popular demand, many newcomers sign up for a binary option signals or auto trader services. Let us go over three types of signal applications.

Keep in mind: Imagine you sign up with a Signal Service, and practice some Trading Strategies. Combine these skills to Dominate the Market

Manual Signals

These signals are a Prestige personal favorite! Because these signals are “manual”, the trader must place the trade themselves onto their broker platform. This is our favorite form of signal because it implements a sense of professionalism to a traders self. Especially for a novice, you will get a hands on feel of what binary trading is all about.

Semi Automatic Signals

A semi automatic bot service provides you multiple signals throughout the day and the trader must choose which signal pair they want to trade. Because these services are integrated with the brokers, signing directly into your brokerage account is not needed. Just choose which signal to trade and “click”. Please be advised  that you should imply a little fundamental analysis yourself to determine which signal is the best to follow. Because of this, we recommend that a trader with at least some moderate skills sign up with a Semi-Automated Signal Service.

Fully Automated Signals

This is by far the most popular search in the market. People with little to no trading skills whatsoever are looking for ways to accelerate their money making potential. Its high demand continually grows because the majority of us are away at their day jobs and cant afford to spend hours in front of a computer. Unfortunately, because of its popularity, there are many scams and fraudulent binary option signal solutions out there offering get-rich-quick schemes. It is imperative that you familiarize yourself with our list of SCAMS, and let us review together the following Signal Applications that have proven to work and generated thousands of dollars for many binary option  traders.


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  2. Davis

    Paul from Prestige Binary Options, thank you for all your help. I almost fell for the bonus offers from my brokers until i read one of your warning regarding how they come with certain requirements. Thanks for you helpful reviews! Save me from unnecessary aggravation

  3. Robert

    Hi Paul
    Im just starting out in trading. What is the best system to use. Neo2 or copy buffet.

    1. Prestige Post author

      Hello Robert,
      Welcome the world of binary trading! I actually use both systems every week and have produced wonderful results for both automated and manual trading. But if i were to recommend just one, i would suggest copy buffet because ive been using this software the longest. Take a look for yourself – Copy Buffett Home Page

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    Kolawole Babajide

    1. Paul C. Post author

      hi kolawole
      be carful with the signals binary program. Its NOT reliable enough to generate profits.
      Use caution, wouldn’t recommend investing with them.


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