Binary Option Robot is a Proven SCAM! Real Customer Reviews

binar option robotAs a result from reliable sources and concrete customer feedback, the truth behind the Binary Option Robot Scam has been revealed. If we are to achieve anything today, its this; expose the crooked developers behind AND for who they really are: Scam-Artists! We implore you take a moment to read our Binary Option Robot Review to understand the factual performance capabilities and deprived nature in BOTH of these heavily marketed & viral trading softwares. has been in existence for a while and now many have come to regret ever utilizing their Binary Option Robot Software due to their failure of delivering profitable results. Paul Kiddle, a disgruntled member of this bogus trading software, emailed Mike from, saying:

Hi Michael, I tried BinaryOptionRobot for a while, it made a small profit for the first couple of weeks but after that it starting losing; I have attached a screenshot of the last trades before i deactivate my membership. There are 50 results per page, this page has just 19 out of 50 ITM. These trades are made by supposed “Expert Traders”!


Unfortunately, Paul Kiddle isn’t alone in this matter. There are many other online investors who’ve fallen for’s compelling spell. In many cases, some have presumably plunged for the first “positive” review they encountered. Theo Beelien posted on BOC’s Blacklist page:

I tested binary option robot from 13 august now with 1€ trades. Its break even, so in fact a worthless product.

Both & are known for debunking most binary options auto-traders (even reliable ones), but with a hidden agenda of diverting its readers to their faulty trading platform. Because they appear as ‘authentic’ websites providing insightful information on upcoming “scams”, many believed their money-making scheme system was a dependable alternative. Chukwujekwu Eloka, another discouraged customer, has also submitted her recent results:

Evidence Binary Option Robot Fails


As for the trading bot’s identical page, Binary-Option-Robot, this website is equally conniving and deceptive. Together they form a viral conglomerate for stealing peoples money with empty promises of successful trading opportunities. provides an Automated Trading Software with an 83% win rate and money-back guarantee, but FAILS to uphold its proposed performance. By examining the description below, you’ll notice only 3 out of 12 trades executed by the Binary-Option-Robot Automated System were profitable. A total of $210 lost in one session!
binary-option-robot scamConclusion: Binary-Option-Robot is a SCAM!!!
The only “guarantee” you’ll receive from these two worthless binary trading systems is a deviation in you bank accounts. Furthermore, the Binary Option Robot Software and its twin, Binary-Option-Robot System are both partnered with the Goptions Brokerage Firm. is a well-known BlackListed Broker with a notorious reputation of illegal activities such as failing to pay its traders and closing customer’s accounts without consent. Ask yourself, can you place you financial faith within an organization with deceitful characteristics and partnerships with crooked brokers?
We want to thank Michael Freeman and the investors who were unfortunately misled by and its predecessor,, for coming forward and sharing this important information with us. At our low tolerance for scamming services is tested everyday. We implore our readers to come forth with any comments regarding any experience or further information you may have about their phony software, and we thank you for reading our BinaryOptionRobot Review.
**Michael Freeman has consistently provided the Forex/Binary Community with insight of  impending dangers lurking within these Get-Rich-Quick Gimmicks for many years. Furthermore, he’s also delivered a lucrative binary trading alternative with his automated trading system: Mikes Auto-Trader.  Unlike the majority of most fabricated trading solutions which are soon forgotten after a matter of weeks, Mike’s AutoTrader has contained its popularity and favor among binary investors for over a year! As special feature, Mikes AT includes an invitation to Mikes Binary Signals Group on Facebook; FB’s largest active group occupied with professional traders who post signals everyday for you to copy!
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  • hi
    looks they have opened a new website :

    they are just shameless

    • hi Mikos,
      yes that is correct, the binary option robot scam has changed its website a few times, but be careful, its an old & proven scam . Im actually surprised after all this time this scam is still active.
      For Safer & newer trading apps, i recommend looking into the epix or ms management software apps.Epix Trader is a semi autotrader and the Management Software is a fully autotrader. Both programs also provide manual signals you can follow & trade if you wish. Therefore its only a matter of preference if you want an autotrader or semi auto trader.
      Management Software –
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