Binary Meta Bot SCAM by British Binary Traders Association!

By | January 29, 2016

Binary Meta Bot Scam Warning! The British Binary Traders Association Review

Traders are still questioning if Binary Meta Bot App is another Scam service by the British Binary Traders Association because of its “legitimate” appeal. Don’t waste you’re money with this scammy software until you’ve read our Binary Meta Bot review.

This is an important updated review on the Binary Meta Bot software by Sir Roger Thorne from the British Binary Traders Association scam. Although or were previously released back in 2015, their services are still being heavily marketed through email channels and various other media portals, continuously causing newcomers to loose money with this scamming system. The British Binary Traders Association website was created to appear as a “legal” resource center containing a conglomerate of sources for latest trading strategies, techniques, and warnings on scams. On the contrary, a fabricated culmination of his “professional” experience. Today we provide our readers with enough evidence in our Binary Meta Bot Review, proving the British Binary Traders Association is a Scam that should be avoided.

Phoenix Trading ReviewWhat is The British Binary Traders Association?

According to the lies they feed viewers with there presentation videos and descriptions, was established in 2013 by Sir Roger Thorne. An alleged “financial” trading expert with more than 30 years in the field. His website “guarantees” any trader using his automated Binary Meta Bot App will see no less than 95% successful trades and profit over $48000 per month. The term “guarantee” is widely utilized by frauds programs. Designed to identify profitable earnings by selecting currency pairs, but no information is given as to how BMB operates in analyzing markets for automated transactions. Only that its based on Sir Roger’s “unique knowledge” combined with computer technology, and updated algorithms. But while conducting additional research for our Binary Meta Bot review, no record regarding Roger Thorne’s financial career or influence was found in London, UK, nor anywhere else for that matter. We can safely assume he’s nothing but an actor for promoting the Binary Meta Bot Scam. These scam-artists are very efficient as they’ve even added photos of Sir Thorne posing with Bill Gates, Richard Branson and the British Prime Minister David Cameron. Look closely and you’ll see a well-done Photoshop production.  Lets review more incriminating facts!

binary meta botWhy Binary Meta Bot is a Scam?

We’ve already concluded there are several complaints from online investors losing money while using this software, and the phony Sir Roger is a two-faced liar hired by crooks behind the Binary Meta Bot scam service. If you think their misleading tactics stop here, you’re sadly mistaken. In collaboration for the British Binary Traders Association review, we want to expose the honest truth where they have taken their devious methods one step further by hiring a handful of actors / actresses to further enhance their advertisements for the general public. You can find these fake reviews by scrolling down under the Binary Meta Bot review section on their British Binary Traders Association website.

binary meta botActors aren’t a justifiable cause for determining whether a not a trading system in question is a scam. But it doesn’t help their cause either. After reviewing multiple fraudulent platforms, at we’ve grown accustom to a select few Fiverr actors favored by scammers who endorse their garbage for pennies on the dollar. When we find an individual in particular advertising many binary trading scams where traders have lost hundreds or thousands, our faith diminishes with any company willing to associate themselves with these fakers. The man depicted above claiming his success with Binary Meta Bot App has also appeared in other dangerous softwares like Master Sniper, One Step Ahead, and Certified Income. Click the link below to visit his profile.

binary meta bot reviewCan you trust the words from a con-artist such as him? Are you willing to place your funds into the hands of people seen in other corrupt systems where traders have lost so much? We hope Not!

Binary Meta Bot Review / Conclusion

Final Verdict – Avoid Binary Meta Bot SCAM!

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Our main goal with The British Binary Traders Association review is to assist rookie traders contemplating on registering with BinaryMetaBot app understand the dangers and hidden agendas lurking beneath this well-orchestrated fraud. If you have any feedback or input regarding any dealings with B.M.B. software, we encourage you letting us know to help warn other traders. Be sure to visit our Black List for AutoTraders and Brokers of which everyone should stay clear from. Thank you for reading our informative Binary Meta Bot review.

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