Binary Interceptor is a SCAM! Important REVIEW on Horrible Trading System

Is Binary Interceptor App a SCAM? Read our honest Binary Interceptor Review exposing factual incriminating evidence!

Binary Interceptor is absolute garbage which we’ll review and expose to the fullest extent! This automated binary options Scam is one of many reoccurring trading softwares claiming perfection in generating millions without losses whatsoever. Robert Harper is a hippie-looking developer of, presenting an ‘inferior bot’ unlike no other by misleading curious traders with false hopes, damaging advice and above all else a worthless software incapable of producing profitable results. Marketers are vigorously pushing this auto application through aggressive advertisements. Therefore it’s vitally important for readers to understand the truth behind this scam app before wasting their money.

Unfortunately these scammers are mischievously clever enough as they’ve occupied two domain websites. and are exactly the same platforms with minor differences in hired actors and fake reviews. Basically insuring their corrupted activities in scamming day-traders will continue regardless if one site is shut down. After reading our urgent Binary Interceptor review, visitors will definitely be thinking twice before joining this money-making hoax.

Binary Interceptor Review: 100% Guaranteed SCAM System Warning!

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Whenever encountering a new autotrading profit app, a key element to begin any review is with its alleged creators or originated background. Fabricated stories about Robert’s active role as a trading mentor or self-proclaimed position among the worlds top richest binary investors within the field are utterly misguiding. Most importantly in reference to both sites, the alleged Robert Harper from is different from the actor displayed in Seriously?!?! In efforts to clear all doubts from those unaware of their doubled fronts, searching through Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn doesn’t provide anybody with matching profiles or identities, thereby further clarifying this fraud poser representing the Binary Interceptor Scam holds zero credibility nor legitimate intentions. 

Naturally daily viewers aren’t privy to this sensitive evidence upon arrival, which crooked Binary Interceptor software producers intend to keep secret. Instead customers are told several lavishing lies to mask their awful service, insisting support is available around the clock for aiding rookie traders in banking their first five figure income. Sadly handfuls of hopeful members have already reported severe losses, lack of supporting Interceptor teams, and overall terrible performances delivered by this fraudulent app. These bogus marketing incentives and more key points advertised throughout and/or for deception and manipulation. Dont believe these LIES:

  • free, simple & brand new 100% win-streak software. $50,000 per week guarantee.” – History has taught us many things, but review after review has shown no “perfect” trading app exists. Similarly dangerous softwares like Lie Detector Millionaire & Drexel Code are current scams offering equal claims, and failing everyday.
  • Intercepts terabytes of financial data exchanged between the largest economical cities around the world, filtering relevant info for executing winning trades.” – YEAH RIGHT!!
  • Robert Harper re-engineered his Interceptor app into a highly sophisticated, artificially intelligent software with auto-pilot capabilities.” – Too bad we’ve already established this “Harper” character doesn’t exist.binary interceptor review

Would you believe a recurring $997 monthly fee is being temporarily waved so Mr Harper can appear as a generous individual? Additional commonly used scamming tactics like scarcity counters indicating only 50 beta-testers will be accepted are implied for persuading newcomers to deposit into the Binary Interceptor scam system quickly before realizing they’re dealing with an online scheme. These despicable measures are justified by assuring traders, that automatically banking over five figures weekly, a mere thousand dollar fee is pennies in comparison. Although their hefty price tag isn’t real and clients will never be charged, rest assured registering with either or its counterpart will imminently cost you total depletion of funds you’ve deposited, absent profitable winnings.

Before reaching a halt in today’s Binary Interceptor review, I’m sure by this segment readers are beginning to comprehend the amounted mixtures of danger within their “case study” system. A brief and poorly constructed demonstration of live action trading results after activating new Interceptor software accounts were clearly fabricated without visual proof or trade histories showing how Robert’s app miraculously turned a minuscule $250 into $3000 wihtin a couple hours. Mathematically speaking & giving the benefit of doubt this exaggerated return is remotely possible, you’d have to be extremely lucky while risking your entire account on single trades. Oh, lets not forget the encouragement of accepting bonus offers from brokers as suggested by this ugly scam artist. Broker bonuses are wonderful & legal features for instantly doubling your initial deposit, but recommended for seasoned investors. However, the twisted combination between counterfeit apps and bonus offers are malicious methods allowing scammers to profit from trader mistakes, as bonuses contain required contingencies which must be completed before access to withdrawals are permitted. Mores specifically, your withdrawal requests will be denied. 

Binary Interceptor Scam Review: Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Judgement Review – Avoid the Binary Interceptor SCAM! Don’t succumb to positive reviews advocating this pathetic production that’s being heavily marketed through spamming. Ignore their “exclusive invitations” welcoming you to or!

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Ask yourself if you honestly think someone’s simply going to hand out million dollar softwares for ‘free’. Not likely im afraid. Systems like Interceptor app ‘guaranteeing’ unlawful practices tarnish the binary options industry by taking advantage of unaware traders. Fortunately there are plenty reliable resources & tools utilized throughout the populace providing quality risk-management advantages to its members. For instance, visit our BinaDroid App review, including trade results regarding wonderful software that’s been servicing traders worldwide, unlike many signal apps covering fewer countries. Opening demo accounts without restrictions are advised whenever testing out new strategies or autotraders, and be sure to revisit our BlackList section for daily updates informing avoidable scams. Sharing our Binary Interceptor review on social medias will certainly help prevent future catastrophes, as the popularity of this scam system momentarily grows. As always, comment below this review with your feedback or concerns.

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