Binary Compound System Review – Total SCAM Software!

Binary Compound System couldn’t be a cheaper trading Scam than it already is and we’re here to expose them to the fullest extent so traders may understand what makes them complete frauds! Generally speaking, this binary software doesn’t offer much in terms of performance nor appearance, but its critical we discuss in detail their own faults for transparency. During my investigation of by Harold Crowells, it became clear this application lacks any credibility as it holds typical scamming characteristics and misleading information found most commonly among worthless scams. Not to mention some of their allegations are considered highly illegal. Therefore if traders are contemplating their chances in testing our this binary compound system scam, I encourage you to pause momentarily and read our Binary Compound System review. Once you finish, you’ll understand their entire operation is dedicated to a faulty online money-stealing scheme.

Binary Compound System Review – Pathetic SCAM Software Revealed

There’s a major problem is which this whole production is based upon, more specifically its bogus story on how it was developed in the first place. Traders visiting are told ridiculous sentiments describing this trading platform as a resourceful program capable of generating all its users a minimum $1000 pure profits each day on complete autopilot. Harold Crowells attempts to cover his owns lies by supporting invalidated claims implying this software is powered by upgraded algorithms and advanced trading technology for beating financial markets in order to capitalize profitable positions before released to the general public. If you ask me, all of this sounds like a bunch of nonsense concocted by scammers who obviously have no idea what they’re taking about. Beginners might find these attributes appealing, but there are disturbing things you must know beforehand.

Harold Crowells is the alleged mastermind and creator of Binary Compound System who promises to make everyone rich. His descriptions on how he developed this trading app is somewhat bizarre, unethical and illegitimate. According to the video narrative, during his employment within some unidentified hedge fund corporation, he copied client data in order to compound information into an equation he refers as a “magnetic effect” for identifying further trends withing any asset. Obviously everything traders are hearing from this con-artist is a complete lie. But even if it were true, the copying of clientele data was illegally obtained, making this trading software a dirty application.

But ask yourselves who is this Mr Crowells character? Have you noticed not once are viewers shown any facial recognition nor live footage showing us who or what this individual looks like? Mysteriousness is not a suitable quality I want within a trading app that involves me depositing my own money. Normally I would feel more secure knowing who exactly we’re dealing with directly, as I’m sure most traders feel the same. Unfortunately there’s zero matching results throughout any professional resumes or matching social media profiles confirming his existence, which of course is no surprise. After all, the voice-over narrating their introductory clips could most likely belong to anyone. Its safe to assume Harold is a fabricated imposter without credentials or authenticity.

Fake Binary Compound System Reviews

Even though the identity belonging to the real creator remains a mystery, these crooks aren’t ashamed to display a handful of recorded testimonials from supposed users who’re claiming to achieve great success with the Binary Compound System scam. Although, they should feel shame since all their performances were orchestrated by paid actors, NOT binary traders. Take for instance the the gentleman below, giving us his own false perspective on how profitable this trading app is. During our investigations we reiterate multiple times how actors alone isn’t a sole factor for determining a scam, but one must take into consideration their reputation. This known fraud has been spotted several times promoting and encouraging rookie investors to join worthless programs which have caused traders to lose hundreds, if not thousands in lost investments. Seeing him endorsing is a serious red flag warning. No trader should perceive his reviews as a reliable source.


There’s not much else to discuss because honestly, this scam offers very little for traders, and nothing worthwhile. There are simply too many questionable characteristics surrounding this autotrader which is very unsettling. Remember that any form of investment should be made with confidence and reassurance of safety and quite frankly this app lacks all sense of confidence. Their rhetoric and stories are clearly made up, but if they were true, their methods of operation are illegal, so either direction is not safe. Hopefully today’s scam review has enlightened traders on some critical aspects you probably weren’t aware about, but most importantly prevented you from wasting money with a losing software and avoiding unnecessary headaches.

Binary Compound System Scam Review – Concluding Thoughts & Helpful Tips

Finalized Verdict Review: Avoid the Binary Compound System Scam! A lousy fraudulent application that will surely drain any account down to zero without positive outcomes!

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For novice traders, its understandable the confusion and frustration that comes with searching for a reputable trading system that’s beneficial for assisting your journey. However there are numerous assortments of trusted solutions available for everyone which can help limit risk factors while amplifying profitability in the form of autotraders, signal alerting programs and even educational materials for learning basics. In case you’re unfamiliar with a specified software and wonder if its safe, visit my daily updated blacklist containing harmful scams and brokers to stay away from. As a friendly reminder, us a demo account whenever testing out new methods or strategies before risking your own funds. Thank you for reading my informative Binary Compound System review. Feel free to leave any input or feedback by commenting below. Cheers!

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