Binary Brain Trust is a SCAM! Review on Losing Trading System!

Time to review a poorly produced trading software known as Binary Brain Trust. This pathetic excuse for online investment software represents all cliche scamming aspects I’m constantly warning new-coming traders about and should not be trusted. The website in question, by Martin Clayton is a scam “guaranteeing” visiting traders a minimum $5000 daily profits completely automatically without any effort. Throughout my internal review investigation, everything about this particular system has been falsified with “special invitations” and misleading information for deceiving rookie investors into believing their a regulated company. Rest assured they’re NOT! These lazy schemers have also overlooked some incriminating details within their website further supporting Martin Clayton is a con-artist and his platform is a money making joke. I implore traders to read my thorough Binary Brain Trust review before depositing with a regrettable trading app.

A disturbing notion these scammers have implemented is their alleged involvements with donating to various charities. Scamming innocent traders with worthless trading tools filled with lucrative lies regarding financial freedoms is already undoubtedly despicable. But involving false statements of charitable donations to whom many rely upon is a new low attribute to exploit. No doubt an attempt for appearing as reputable establishments looking out for the greater good. Dont be fooled by this scam and its less-admirable qualities. Lets review some facts!

Binary Brain Trust Review – Dont Trust this ‘Brain Less’ wonder!

binary brain trustUpon entering the webpage, no surprise seeing an introductory video consisting of voice-over narratives followed by legible text. A similar characteristic witnessed on most scam programs. Not once does Martin show his face which enhances my suspicions towards the authenticity of this individual presenting his Binary Brain Trust scam. Proclaiming himself of being company Founder & Chairman of BinaryBrainTrust 5 years running, no conclusive evidence could could support the existence of any Corporate establishment with this given name. A quick lookup from Who.Is verifies the domain was only registered exactly two months before writing this review. Statements of servicing the trading community for 5 years is clearly false. As for Mr Clayton himself, a made-up name without credibility in reference to any project developer within the Trade industry. 

I’ve taken the liberty of listing specific highlighting selling points advertised within the Binary Brain Trust Scam software. All Lies!!!

  • “Guarantee four figure daily earnings”An impossible promise practiced by many scams.
  • “highly professional & fully regulated organization dedicated to guaranteeing profitable results everyday or its members”Nothing about this trading software is deemed ethical, legitimate, or legal. A scam without morals and disregard to trader loss
  • “No matter what market conditions are, isn’t affected for continuously producing staggering profits.”False! Market volatility plays a huge factor for depicting profitable trades. Insinuating BinaryBrainTrust software is ‘perfectly’ unaffected by economic behaviors is ridiculously exaggerated.
  • “Professional traders are located in offices around the world including New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore & Tokyo. According to traders are told by Martin, every financial investments executed by these pros are copied directly onto your broker from a ‘master account’.” Again, non-existing company.
  • “Newly created sophisticated algorithms to automated replicated positions” – Almost every scam review I’ve exposed involves some freshly never-before seen algorithmic equation for profiting millions. YEAH RIGHT!

Fake Reviews

binary brain trust reviewSubmitting your name and mailing details will redirect you to member’s area where three bogus reviews belonging to supposed members are displayed. Some memberships are dated years ago but we’ve already exposed this software is barely three months old! Fabricated results and staged testimonials are common methods for promoting useless systems like Binary Brain Trust Scam because truth be told, they’re unable to produce any credible proof showing success. Take for example the “4 year member “Hollie McDerry from the USA”. Apparently while using the Binary Brain Trust software she’s generated a hefty sum of $4.9 million. Unfortunately her picture belongs  to Jamie Jovittetoe’s twitter account, who’s photo was stolen by for deceptive promotional purposes. I don’t think she would appreciate her photograph being used within a Brain dead binary software.

Binary Brain Trust Scam is NOT endorsed!

I’m sure by now the message is clear . However lets discuss one final detail which could throw newbie traders off track. These scam-artists have desperately pulled many deceptive maneuvers for anyone searching for an automated app. You’ll notice a few banners and endorsement badges from well-known companies like CNN & Forbes, suggesting these organizations are supporting this scam. First off, if these endorsements were real, you’d be able to click on them and be directed to official statements of recognition. Another simple way to verify these allegations is by simply login onto or, search keyword BinaryBrainTrust and receive zero matching results.

Binary Brain Trust Review – Conclusion

Final Judgement: Don’t ‘Trust’ Binary Brain Trust Scam! So stupid my brain hurts!

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Chances are if your researching into binary trading, perhaps you’re interested in supplementing your income. Online investing is widely becoming popular through simplified strategies & multiple resources available for helping novice entry levels and experienced. Don’t be discourage by deplorable systems like and their lavishing empty promises. Not all trading systems are misguided as Binary Brain Trust Scam, and such software app granting “guaranteed” opportunities should be taken as Red Flag Warnings. Be sure to familiarize yourself with our updated blacklist area where you’ll find BinaryBrainTrust App along several other avoidable autotrading programs and brokers. Protect yourself and your money! Thank you for reading my honest Binary Brain Trust Review post.

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