Binary BackDoor is a Vague Trading SCAM!!!

By | October 12, 2015

Attention!! The Binary BackDoor System is another worthless binary options trading production with empty promises. This new trading system has proclaims many promises of wealth and financial freedom, but in the end you’re sure to loose more than you gain. Our thorough, unbiased Binary Backdoor Review will identify certain traits within their campaign to prove Chad Kowenski and the other crooks behind the Binary BackDoor Scam are LIARS!! was created by Chad Kowenski a couple weeks back in September. Unfortunately there are a handful of complaints regarding BinaryBackDoor and its inept capabilities of producing profits. Chad admittedly acknowledges “chad kowenski” isn’t his real name in attempt to protect his real identity. (more so to hide behind his fraudulent activities). He entices us with a new binary options program performing at an 83% success rate minimum. He continues to boast of not only is this new software being 100% “legal”, but has uncovered the truth behind all binary trading systems by “lifting the software block”, a GLITCH which has caused traders to fail with most auto traders. As if his Binary BackDoor software is our secret savior.

binajr backdoorThere are two main alarming factors we’ve found with Binary BackDoor that need to be addressed. As well as having announcing their “10 limited available spots” left, there was one particular video testimonial which noticeably raised concerns on our part. The woman depicted above as ‘Kimberly’ is known paid actress. In the past, PrestigeBinary has identified her from other binary options trading SCAMS like The Millionaires Maker & The Aussie Method. Its not uncommon for get-rich-quick schemes like to utilize attractive actors like “Kimberly” and many others. We don’t blame the actors, we blame Binary BackDoor and other malicious companies who will deceitfully maneuver traders into investing with useless programs and later lose their money.

If you want to believe a few falsely scripted words behind a pretty girl, that’s fine. But take the following into consideration. If you manage to get to BinaryBackDoor’s second subscription page, you will find a fabricated “results” section of accumulated earnings reaching over 2.5 million dollars but containing some serious errors they have evidently overlooked. By scrolling through pages on their spread sheet, you will notice entry & expiry dates. Consequently for them, some of their dates fall on a Saturday. You would think an individual like Chad Kowenski, with a background with Financial Markets would be fully aware there’s now trading on weekends (except late Sunday evenings). Nice Try Binary BackDoor!!

binay backdoor highlighBinary Back Door has fallen short in identifying the true identities behind the real “masterminds” and/or CEO of this bogus trading tool. Furthermore has failed to specifically show any visual aid or representation of how exactly the Binary BackDoor application truly operates. I hope we have assured you and our readers the warnings revealing the nature of the BinaryBackDoor Scam, and understand this particular trading software below honorable and acceptable in the binary option industry. We’d like to point out in order to achieve a daily profits of $1,950 with only $25 trades, like they claim is achievable, you would need to execute an average amount of over 139 individual Winning Trades. Consistently! As a trader for a few years, this is highly non-achievable in the real world. But there’s still hope!! There are many Reliable and Recommended Services favored by many binary options traders who are not only reaching large amounts of winning trades, but also learning for themselves proper trading tips & strategies, making them successful. If your interesting in Binary Options, a friendly reminder that its important you register with a Reliable Broker with a great reputation and strong customer service.

Thank you reading our Binary Back Door Review. DO NOT sign-up with The Binary BackDoor!!!

10 thoughts on “Binary BackDoor is a Vague Trading SCAM!!!

  1. gordon

    Im going to trust your obvious points found within this system and staying away from the Binary Back Door. Its definitely a trading program with no sublstance whatsoever and empty promises. Thank you prestige!!

  2. Bronwyn

    Goodness these people are relentless with their bogus scams, and that fiver actress promoting so many scams like Binary Backdoor & The Aussie Method…shame on her!

    1. PrestigeBinary Post author

      agreed Bronwyn these scammers are very resilient. these are common tactics used by many binary option scammers out there. I will say i dont blame the actress, or any actors for that matter. At the end of the day they’re just paid actors. The real fault falls on the companies behind these phony scams. SHAME ON THEM!! 🙂

  3. Ron

    I heard about the binary back door through my email and watched the video. I’m glad I wasn’t the only who felt like I was left hanging. After watching it I was still wondering how their system even works!!
    Great catch on the dates. I would’ve never fought that?

  4. Mariella Scerri

    Yet another shady scam. They seem to be growing faster than dirty toe nails! Thanks for the update.. keep them coming. Can you recommend a reliable signal software?

  5. Marili

    Thank you for the review. Can’t believe that the same person will promote several scams and don’t even see a problem with it.

    1. PrestigeBinary Post author

      You and me both MArili its disgusting they keep promoting their garbage to people and take their money a disgrace to binary options

  6. Mikey

    Thanks for the review, I’m going to stay well away! Winning Trades on a Saturday? Ha…Well spotted!!

  7. walt

    As a trader i love reading your blogs and updated news!! Thank you Prestigebinary. It’s hard to find good quality binary options sites without having them sell you a bunch of useless crap.
    I really appreciate what you guys do!


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