BinaDroid Review – ‘Trusted’ or ‘Busted’ Scam Update

BinaDroid Review – Scam or Friend? (Tested)

I’m excited to share our BinaDroid review regarding a new trading software and introduce Prestige’s readers some new features not seen within many systems. Its been over a month since we’ve reviewed anything worthwhile, and during this long wait I’ve exposed several damaging auto-traders. After examining numerous junky binary bots, naturally I wonder if BinaDroid app is merely another scam targeting rookie investors. However Troy Everett from is providing day-traders a safe alternative from the overpopulating scam services by offering traders some useful attributes and unique autotrading structures. Within today’s assessment, together we’ll take into consideration and review some important factors in efforts to determine if Bina Droid is a worthy application worth investing with. Chances are you wont be disappointed. 

You can verify yourself by visiting our daily updated Blacklist’s astronomical amount of dangerous scams constantly launched within the industry. Traders who’ve unfortunately registered with faulty programs continuously report similar regrettable outcomes indicating less than 50% success and/or total depletion of their funded accounts. Contrast to BinaDroid app, zero scamming indicators like pushy sales tactics & bogus countdown indicators insisting I “hurry up” with registrations were found.

But who cares about that when the only important aspects traders are more concerned about are “Does BinaDroid App Really Work?” and “Is BinaDroid Scam or Safe?“. ensures its members various helpful perks including an advertised 90% max win ratio which is preferably ideal. Although trader feedback has confirmed a lower average of 80% – 85%, that’s still more than sufficient for generating sizeable profits. Not to mention these statistics are relatively close to its appraised ninety percentile. There’s no doubt the trading community will appreciate the benefits instilled within Bina Droid and its positive affects on trader experience.

BinaDroid Review – BinaDroid App Exposed

binadroidFirst and foremost the individuals responsible for are Troy Everett, a well known algorithmic developer, and our friend Jacob from ObjectiveBinaryOptions. Troy was employed by leading British investment companies where he specialized in formulating algorithms based on social trading sentiments, combined with common technical analysis adopted by a majority of independent investors. Jacob is a long-time blogger (chances are you’ve read some of his reviews) spreading awareness of upcoming scam softwares, in addition to offering one-on-one trade tutoring & sharing his own informative insights. Fortunately for us Troy Everett was laid off and later met Jacob Jones, inspiring each other to implement their combined knowledge into binary options. Together they formulated BinaDroid App, a user-friendly automated trading software versatile for all experienced levels, but especially created for catering newcomers needing additional assistance. Its refreshing to find authentic people we’re familiar with are actually behind, rather than paid actors posing as fake CEOs promoting worthless trading applications.

Summarized BinaDroid Review & Software Features:

  • Reliable support teams are available for helping resolve any tech issues you may encounter.
  • BinaDroid App is Available EVERYWHERE including countries normally with restricted access to autotraders. More continental coverage in Africa & Asia too!
  • The ability to choose your own binary broker! BinaDroid software is synchronized with Reputable brokerage firms like Cherry Trade and various CySEC Regulated brokers. (Awesome Perk!)
  • Signals are generated automatically with short expiration times ranged from 1,3 and 5 minute trades. No need to wait long hours ending payouts.
  • $5 minimum per individual trade in comparison to most systems operating on standard $25.

Prestige BinaDroid Review: My Personal Update Exploring the BinaDroid App

Important Tips before using the BinaDroid App

Broker Choices: Given the choice which broker you decide to trade with is probably the BEST part most will appreciate about BinaDroid App. The vast majority of automated services generally choose whom you’ll deposit with depending on your GEO location, leaving you no further choice. Traders using BinaDroid App will have the privilege of picking their own broker whom they feel more comfortable with after submitting name & email details within the website. Keep in mind for U.S. traders, pairing with a regulated broker may prove difficult since EU regulatory firms restrict USA access. However BinaDroid provides an array of trustworthy brokers who remain compliant to Industry standards servicing the United States. 

Auto-Trading & Manual Trading: Even though Troy created BinaDroid App into an automatic solution, manual capabilities have been included as well. For those like myself preferring a bit more control over the auto-bot, manually choosing which desired asset pair to trade is possible and easy. The software is extremely versatile for both preferences and settings are easily managed to your liking. If you’re not an experienced trader, the ‘auto’ setting is recommended to give you an idea how online investments operate as it executes trades on your behalf. Note: Take your time & avoid rushing. Its normal to get enthralled into the excitements of witnessing winning closed positions and wanting more. Avoid the rush and stay calm 🙂 

Minimal $5 Risks: As I established earlier, $25 minimums have usually been the standardized amount per transaction. Most cases a $250 deposit is necessary to activates signals alerts and services, but with $25 trades each, how far can you go if you lose a few? Basic money-management skills state you should only invest 10% – 15% your total funds. With Troy’s BinaDroid software, smaller amounts of $5 enable more stability and ‘wiggle-room’ to grow more profits and avoid account depletion should receive any losses. Once your portfolio grows higher, then you gradually increase each trade amount. Tip: Stay within your limits and avoid spending more than you can afford. Follow these instruction to ensure preservation of your Bina Droid funds & watch it steadily grow.

BinaDroid Reviews

BinaryOptionsWatchDog: “Never before has short-term trading been so easy. After seeing BinaDroid in action, there is no doubt this software belongs in Watchdog’s Top Recommended Signals for binary options. Many subscribers from countries in which such automated software are not available have asked us time & time again to recommend a software for them. We’re proud to finally offer a truly amazing software for everyone, everywhere.”

BinaryOptionsSpot: “Is BinaDroid Scam? No! The BinaDroid Software uses newly innovative & unseen approach to financial world, we hope they keep the high success rate! The trading bot is definitely not a scam because we already signed with the system and we were not scammed! Everything works properly, more importantly managed to generate profits, so we can assure you that BinaDroid App is Scam Free.”

EasyTradingSignals: “We really like the fact you can start with trades small as $5 with the BinaDroid app. This really sets it apart, and makes BinaDroid a good choice for new Binary Options traders first wanting to test the waters. Don’t get too greedy when you start making a lot of money with the BinaDroid app, & don’t be tempted to immediately start pumping your trading levels to $50, patience, the markets are always there.”

So is BinaDroid App a SCAM? Review Conclusion

Finalized BinaDroid Verdict: Numbers always speak louder than words ever could. Judging by the accumulated positivism surrounding, it’s quite evident Mr Everett did NOT deliver a ‘BinaDroid Scam’!

Get Started by getting your own BinaDroid App Copy here!

Powerfully combined attributes within grant customers safer and more prosperous opportunities for advancing trader skills in binary options. With qualities enabling limited risks and responsive customer service representatives available throughout the week, fully recognizes BinaDroid software a commendable solution for anyone contemplating in using this proven system. I myself registered my own copy of Bina Droid and must admit i was pleasantly surprised how accurate the signals are. Subscribe to our newsletters as I will continue trading with the Binadroid app, followed by documenting my progress along with added tutorials as I learn more about its interface. Thank you for reading my honest BinaDroid review post. 

Before departing, I hope my informative Binadroid review has helped shed light in regards to any prior questions. You may contact Paul (that’s me!) anytime –

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  • I saw your video updated on the Binadroid app from your Youtube channel. Good stuff mate! I like your strategy so i gave binadroid a shot and stuck with placing only 5 minute trades. yesterday i got 4 winners out of 6. Not Bad! Keep doing what youre doing!!

  • Just wanted to share todays results if thats okay here. Today i traded mostly with 5 minute trades and with minimal risk. Good day so far with 6 winners and 3 losses. By your recommendation i stopped for the day because i lost three trades but very happy with 6 winning trades. soon ill be increasing my amount per trades to $25 so i can make bigger profits. thank you for your guidance Prestige. Great tutorials, review, and insights!

  • Thank you Paul for your great reviews! I appreciate you warning against the Drexel Code Scam. I almost registered with them before i email you about them and you showed me how corrupt they really are. Two days ago i joined binadroid and things are looking good. overall within these days i have 8 Winning trades and 3 losses and account is growing steadily. Too many garbage softwares our there
    thank you for everything

  • Does this binadroid software allow you to control how many losing trades you have daily? I have not seen that option available.

    • Hi Rchard,
      With the biandroid app, you have the ability to select whether you want the software to place 1 or 2 trades for you automatically. Therefor you CAN limit how many losing trades you get depending on whether or not you submit the software to place additional trades. Its a great way to limit risk. Most systems just run and blow trader accounts. BinaDroid App limits risk by allowing traders to choose how many trades will be placed each time want.

  • Hi Binadroid gave me binarytilt broker,what about binarytilt are they safe.Because i did not deposit yet,so i want to confirm about this broker and then make final decision.What about the binadroid latest performance,please inform us about your binadroid current performance.

  • Hi Paul,
    Really enjoy your video presentations and reviews, I’ve gotten alot out of them. I signed up to get the Binadroid app and was assigned The Big Options Broker. Thanks to your advice, i refused the bonus offers they offered me and my trading has been going very smoothly. Im very glad i found your binadroid review youre very detailed and thorough!
    Many Thanks

  • Hey Paul,
    Thanks for the videos! I’ve got a quick question. From your experience, what is the best time period to trade (US Eastern Standard Time)?

    • Hello Jeremy,
      I prefer trading while the NY markets are open. In eastern time, this falls between 8am-4pm.
      CHeers and Good Luck!

  • Hi Paul, very good review – you are one of he best in the BO industry. This week I also signed up with BinaDroid after I had a conversation with Jacob Jones. He gave me some good advice – like your review – and what I can say is, the software works great. I use it also between 12pm and 8 pm GMT. But all traders MUST have a look at the ecomomic calendar before using the software. Don’t trade half an hour bevor and after moderate and high volatility expected news. Have a look on the charts too and if the market is „normal“ BinaDroid works fine. Thanks again for all you do for us!
    Frank from Germany

  • Hello,
    I’ve been looking and reading a lot of sites for a trading bot that is trusted. I am a beginner that needs a few extra $$$. But don’t have time to sit and watch and place trades. Looking for something that will work while I am at my 7-3 job without monitoring. I have come to find that most sites suggest the following. NEO2, Copy Buffet, Binadroid, Binary Option Robot. To name a few select that they say are trusted. (Any others??) Any suggestions and any of these that you DO NOT have to down load onto your computer? Just go to there site if you have time during the day to check? Thank You

    • Hi Steve,
      That is correct, Neo2, Copy Buffet and Binadroid are reputable services, but be careful with Binary Option Robot. Its developed by the same scammers who created the OptionBot and a couple other similar sites.
      If full automation is what your interested in, go with Neo2 or Copy Buffet. Binadroid is an autotrader, but youll need to be logged in. Whereas neo2 & copy buffet can be activated and theres no need to keep the computer on or make any unnecessary downloads. For the most part, all trading softwares are internet-based
      Neo2 –
      Copy Buffet-

      • Just wanted to thank you for your reply. Didn’t expect a reply. Been looking at several review sites and you don’t know who to believe or not. They don’t give the time of day. Thank You for giving a couple minutes of your time to answer my question. Appreciated. I will follow your site closely.

  • Charles Potgieter

    Paul. Thank you so much for your advise and assistance in the past.

  • Charles Potgieter

    Thank you to Prestige Binary Options.

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