Bank Tracker Bot is a SCAM – Informative Software Review!

By | June 4, 2016

Read this important review regarding Bank Tracker Bot, a new trading Scam for binary options no traders should invest with. Generally speaking, investments are made with likely probabilities of acquiring profitable returns in trader’s favor. However by Michael George is not considered a reliable software especially since multiple scamming variables were identified during our investigation. In contrast to most scams we debunk on a weekly basis, the Bank Tracker Bot scam app is a bit more subtle when comparing against other fraud applications exploiting false promises of banking millions within a small time scale. Nevertheless there are certain factors visiting day-traders need to be made aware indicating we’re dealing with another harmful money-stealing scheme, and we’ll discuss these terms together to ensure full comprehension for those contemplating its legitimacy.

Warning Update: Notifications from a few followers and subscribers have reported to our team poor performance outputs delivered by this automatic trading system. Unfortunately traders are losing most if not entire deposits rather quickly, indicating the advertised capabilities within are completely opposite from reality their clients are receiving. At most, the average success ratio is 50/50, which still leaves investors losing more than expected. After examining the incriminating evidence provided within the following Bank Tracker Bot review, its becoming evident nobody can trust them.

Bank Tracker Bot Review – Scam App Exposed & Lies Revealed!

bank tracker bot

Michael George represents himself as the one the Founders of, said to operate by focusing solely on bank stocks because they have less volatility, making these assets more predictable for executing winning trades. In reference to trader feedback we received, the Bank Tracker Bot software (BTB) barely initiated any trades related to banks stocks, rather a randomized selection of currency pairs followed by a few commodity placements. Thereby further concluding what Michael dictates within the introductory videos are contrary to what really happens when newcomers register with his failing trading app. Potential members are told lies about achieving a “Wall Street” lifestyle on complete auto pilot as his push-button scam software does all the work on your behalf. We started realizing for ourselves the fancy cars and beautiful mansions are misleading cover-ups for masking the fact this con-artist is offering hopeful traders a dangerous system configured to lose your investments. But the lies don’t stop here.

Submitting your name and email details will divert visitors to the member’s area, where more information has been twisted and misconstrued for added manipulation. Reviews are essential for determining whether or not a software in question is worth investing with, and you’ll find a handful of Bank Tracker reviews displayed as supposed members from around the globe utilizing this app. Sadly what we’re really looking at here is a cluster of stolen images and stock photos compiled together for depicting fake profiles. For instance the picture of “Samuel Williams” actually belongs to an Ezekiel Zeke Binion, taken from his Twitter account. “Judith Myers” aka Katelyn Friedson is a Paint Nite Product Manager from website. Falsified portfolios are no surprise when examining corrupt programs since shady developers are fully aware their systems are utterly worthless. Henceforth plagiarized accounts are displayed as live clients are constructed for implying profitable experiences.

bank tracker bot review

Damaging Trap!

A hefty bonus offer valued at five hundred dollars is offered to new registrants who take quick action in registering with Bank Tracker Bot scam. Basically your initial $250 deposit is required to get started, but traders will also receive an additional $500, totaling $750 instantaneously. Sounds amazing right?? What Michael George deliberately refuses to mention are the strict contingencies tied with bonuses which come directly from brokers. Bonus features require traders to complete very high trade volume stipulations before access to withdrawals are permitted. Although these incentives are legally provided, implementing bonuses with scam softwares are terrible combinations allowing scammers to hold onto your money and profiting from your losses. In other words, once you’ve realized you’re being scammed and you want withdraw whatever remains in your account, any withdrawal requests will be denied due to their bonus rules. After all, did you really think free money would be handed out absent strings attached?

We could drag today’s Bank Tracker Bot review all day by discussing every scammy trait uncovered within most bogus systems, but hopefully at this junction readers are beginning to understand the severity of depositing with a corrupt software. At one point Michael dictates profits are grown every sixty seconds, indicating his Bank Trader Bot app targets turbo trading. Short term trades are great avenues for banking faster earnings, but also involve greater risks. Numerous scams favor shorter terms because is gives off the impression of fast cash to potential customers unaware of it technicalities. And don’t fall for the fabricated endorsement badges from networks like CNN Money, BBC and CNBC, a desperate tactic for showing off unrealistic approval from prestigious corporations. A simple way to verify any alleged partnerships is by visiting their sites, proving zero authorizations or recognition was ever granted from these companies. Nice try you crooks!

Bank Tracker Bot Review – SCAM Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid the Bank Tracker Bot Scam! Mr George is a two-face imposter and most likely a paid actor hired by the real manipulators who constructed the BTB trading software. Our goal is to prevent future newbies from falling victim to a proven failing program

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