Avelon.cc Mining Scam Alert (Insider Review)

Avelon.cc is a new brand of mining Scam, and we’re here to warn investors what outcomes to expect from a fraud like this. Visitors entering the Avelon Cloud Mining program are made to believe their crypto-mining service is hassel-free. However our evidence proves the contrary.

After investing the service rendered by Avelon.cc, it didn’t take long for use to identify several scamming variables normally found in other ICO/Mining Scams. It seems this software isn’t as transparent as they pretend to be.

In addition, many people who’ve already fallen for this terrible program have complained against Avelon’s inability to deliver its advertised performances. Dont worry, we’ll explain more in detail as we go along.

So before wasting a single penny, read our latest review first. Learn the truth theses scammers don’t want you knowing about their Avelon Cloud Mining Scam. It could save you.

Avelon Cloud Mining Review – Why I dont Trust it


Lest quickly elaborate what were dealing with here. Avelon.cc reprints a mining service. Instead of having to spend large sums of money buy cryptocurrencies directly, you can mine them yourselves at a lower rate.

This option appears to be a financially economical choice for those without investment experiences or large capital to spend. As a results, companies like Avelon take advantage by exploiting a simple avenue for “easy wealth”.

More specially, people entering Avelon.cc are told they can earn daily percentage profits of 2%-4%. Now this may not sound like a lot of money. But if you think about it, 4% in compounding profits everyday is a ton of money.

And this is what Avelon is guaranteeing you can earn everyday.

In addition, they also have referral programs which basically make this entire production a Ponzi scheme. But we’ll discuss this more in a moment.

Truth of the matter is Avelon is cause major issues with its existing client, and its important you know why this scam cannot be trusted before making a drastic mistake. Time to explore what makes the Avelon scam a damaging investment.

Avelon.cc Creators

I wanted to start our review with this topic for a contributing scam factor. As you can see, no information is shown regarding any developer or creator information. Nothing acknowledging who’s behind the development of Avelon Cloud Mining.

We like categorizing these types of crooks as faceless scammers. Hiding their identity as they convince to invest your money into a worthless mining system. This is also shows you the lack of transparency, and the level of vagueness theyre willing to take in order to steal your money, while at the same time remaining anonymous.

Although this doesn’t really portray and forms of trust between them and their clients, one things for sure this is one mining application we. cannot condone. Avelon is equally deceptive as all other ICO/Mining frauds we’ve already blacklisted.

As we cover their true intention, its makes sense why thy don.t wish to disclose their true identities.

Legitimate Company?

Whenever youre involved in any scenario where a company is offering to invest on your behalf (with your money), its important to know if you can trust them or not. More specifically in the case of Avelon, if they’re are regulated or properly licensed.

Although their website does state they are a “registered” company, there is a huge difference between a company being registered and regulated.

As it stand, this particular cloud mining service is NOT licensed or regulation. And this is a common attribute we continue to find amongst these dangerous systems.

Because of their anonymity and deliberate neglect to acquire any proper license, it shows you how dishonest and shady they really are. After all, their main goal is to take your money into their pockets.

Fake Avelon Results

I mentioned before how their advertised results were unrealistic. This is a true statement to this day, especially since nobody who’s ever join this mining system has remotely earned these said profits.

The simplest way to understand why these results are false is due to constant market fluctuations. These people behind Avelon Could Mining are promising a fixed rate of earning on a consistent basis. Yet the values of crypto & global markets are continuously changing every second of everyday. 

Reality states its impossible to generate any type of fixed results because markets can prove to be unpredictable. As a result, this scam is exploiting a falsified sense of ‘easy’ wealth.

Ponzi Scheme from Avelon

There’s more beyond phony claims and unregistered companies happening throughout the Avelon Scam. Like most fraudulent investments, their main goal is to accumulate as much money from registrations possible, then run away with at your expense.

Avelon.cc also contains an affiliated program where traders can recruit other people to join. In return, you will receive a percentage from their deposits. Their system is set up with different entry levels and downlines. Basically sharing similar characteristics of a Pyramid/Ponzi Scheme.

In reality, these crooks do NOT really invest in crypto markets. Instead they profit from your deposits & promote their services in the form of affiliations to gather more victims. Allowing them to profit from your losses.

Worth the Risk?

Many people who’ve joined this and its previously disastrous versions have regretted it. The problem most people have faced vary from case to case. While some may have had a few good experiences, the majority are facing serious issues.

These complaints revolve around the same group issues too. From denied payouts, unauthorized account activities, ignore withdrawals requests, and of course failure to produce their advertised results. 

Remember those results they promised? Even though those numbers are extravagant, members aren’t even reaching their minuscule 4% profit range. But simply for the fact people who try to get their money back are faced with excuses from Avelon, this cannot stand.

These reasons alone is more than enough cause which motivated us to warn others about this damaging software. Hopefully today’s Avelon Cloud Mining Review will help prevent further losses from innocent investors.

Avelon Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Judgement: We confidently say Avelon.cc is a proven Scam. Do yourself and favor and avoid this corrupt cloud mining service altogether.

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We thank our readers for taking time in reading our transparent & verified Avelon.cc Review. Hope it helps others from falling for this shady scam. Please comment below by sharing any feedback, input and dealings you might have with this faulty scheme.

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