Automated Cash App Review – Terrible SCAM!

Automated Cash App Scam Review

Automated Cash App by Jason Howe is a new binary options trading scam just released and its by far among the worst scamming productions we’ve see lately. You can see for yourself these crooked developers didn’t not put much effort into creating the Automated Cash App scam as they use well known Fiverr actors to promoted there garbage. Unfortunately a handful of day-traders have come forward after falling for fake promises from and lost all investments funded within a few hours of operating this software. Therefore its important for anyone remotely contemplating the use of this failed system, first read what we’ve uncovered in our Automated Cash App review which proves Jason Howe and is a FAKE!

Automated Cash App Review – Exposing the Lies

Website under Investigation:

Jason Howe is supposedly the creator of Automated Cash App system and narrator within their video presentations. Not once are we shown what Jason looks like which raises my suspicions as to who’s really behind this scamming service or his existence. Without much to offer in appearance and legitimacy, you’re “guaranteed” a “unique” automatic method for banking anywhere from $1000 – $7000 every week for life as their software “scans financial markets for executing trades with not less than 80% winning probabilities”. He continues by stating it’s a “far more advanced trading application than any other offered within the industry”. These would be great allegations if there were any verifiable evidence supporting such claims, but with traders already losing money with their Automated Cash App scam, its obvious this system is full of lies for pocketing quick money from rookie newcomers. Lets review more damaging facts showing how dangerous really is.

The Automated Cash App Review – Scam Exploits Fake Testimonials

After contacting some “programming experts” who rigorously developed “seven different variations of Automated Cash App software” until it was perfected, a selected few ‘beta -testers’ were used in their advertisements videos explaining their experiences. Traders be WARNED! The following members shown below were found on but are not real binary traders. In reality, they are cheap performers used by many binary scamming softwares for marketing usage. As you click on the provided links, you’ll be take to their acting profiles, proving nothing within Automated Cash App Scam serves authentic.

Automated Cash App

Automated Cash AppAs you ponder about their motives, ask yourself why these deceptive developers decided to use well-acquainted phonies for promotional advertisements if their system is as successful as they claim. If AutomatedCashApp was capable of performing anywhere close to their supposed expectations, they’d be able to use real feedback from live traders, rather than resort to deceiving visitors. Automated Cash App is a poorly concocted scammer website containing empty promises of five or six figures within your first month of operating.

Automated Cash App Scam is a Copycat

Because there’s zero credible evidence in supporting how great this questionable software claims to be, the scam-artist hiding behind his ‘Jason Howe’ identity demonstrates his idea of live trading with the Automated Cash App trading software. Though convincing its may seem, understand the auto trading layout chosen for their platform is a cheap imitation of a recently successful program called Centument LTD (Review). Centument has only been available for less than a week and its been providing numerous traders with exceptional trading profits. Naturally the frauds behind have copied their visual attributes in hopes of deceiving newcomers into believing they’ve found a probable solution. 

Automated Cash AppIf you happen to become victim of Automated Cash App trading, or other similar scams that plague this industry, there are methods of resolution to protect yourself and your investments. Visit our updated Blacklisted Section containing various Brokers and AutoTrading failures everyone should avoid to prevent further damage to your funds.

Automated Cash App Review – Final Words

For newcoming traders without much knowledge on scamming tactics used on many fraudulent sites, its easy to become enticed with “guaranteed” promotions of abundant wealth. Remember there’s no such thing in binary option trading as a guarantee. Risks will always be involved with online investments, BUT there are methods for reducing those risks and maximizing your payouts through Reliable AutoTraders & Signal Services , recommended and tested by many traders. As a friendly suggestion, learning some basic trading skills is also beneficial in becoming an independent investor. Click the banner below to learn more about Mikes AutoTrader and get Free access to a private signals group on Facebook where members can interact with other traders, acquire new trading strategies, and make money by following daily posted signals on the group wall by professional traders. Its the BEST trading community for both Novice and Experienced investors encouraging each other for further success. Thank you visiting our informative Automate Cash App review. 

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