Automated Binary Review – Another Busted SCAM Software!?

Automated Binary is a newly launched trading software that has recently entered the binary industry, catching the attention of traders all around. This automated app is somewhat unique in its own way in comparison to most trading systems available, do to the variety of brokers provided, as well as detailed descriptions as to how this program operates. But is all of this a facade? The number one question traders are mainly concerned about is plain and simple: Is this an Automated Binary Scam or Not?

Honestly, despite its appearances of ‘transparency’, I have some concerns brought by traders who’ve tested this software, and others similar to it. Quite frankly, looks strangely familiar to another program known as Option Robot, an equally similar app offering identical incentives and demos for testing their resolve, yet Option Robot fails to deliver traders their promised results. If this is true, curious traders need to use caution as the Automated Binary software could very well be another fraud possibly produced by the same Option Robot frauds. Lets review in detail everything you need to know before wasting a single penny!

So what is Automated Binary Software?

In plain terms, just by judging the name itself, its an ‘automated’ app created for simplifying the process of binary option trading for newcomers who aren’t skilled nor want to spend countless hours studying charts in front of a computer screen all day. Anyone visiting will see descriptions regarding how it supposedly works. On top of targeting multiple currency pairs, it seems traders are able to adjust a plethora of settings to their own discretion and preference. Apparently the entire system is allegedly based on the Fibonacci Principle, an ancient mathematical approach also referred as the “golden ratio”. This technique is used for identifying future trading positions by analyzing previous trending numbers. What concerns me are some of their misleading tactics and suggestions Im sure most beginners might not be aware about.

Terrible Automated Binary Software Advise

Users also have the freedom to select different strategies which I’m assuming dictate how the application performs and carries out specific trades. For example you can decide on MACD, STOCH, RSI, CCI, WILLIAMS and TREND algorithms. But notice under their Algorithm Section states underneath, ‘mix and match indicators to refine your signals“. A serious issue I have with this statement is that it goes against certain trading principles. When learning the basics, its advised to stick with one strategy at a time, never mixing two or more different methods at once. Reason being is each strategy operates in its own distinguished manner for the main goal of pinpointing a successful trade. But combining various methods together could disrupt the whole process, resulting in placing losing trades.

Automated Binary $50,000 Demo Trap – WARNING!

As an added incentive, anyone interested in joining Automated Binary system can test the softwares performance by opening free demo accounts upon registration. Each account contains fifty thousand dollars in fake funds for traders to practice and familiarize with the Automated Binary app. As I mentioned earlier with Option Robot, they provide the same offerings regarding demos. Unfortunately thousands of traders reported the Option Robot’s demo executed winnings trades at a consistent rate, giving users a false sense implying this autotrader was effective. On the contrary, once members activated real accounts holding their deposited funds, the performance levels dropped significantly, where traders suffered more losses than wins. Ultimately, investments were completely drained, while others barely received higher than 60% IMT, which is NOT enough for generating a profit. A highly corrupt tactic for scammers to manipulate newcomers and profit from their losses.

Few comments are beginning to fly around insinuating people registering with Automated Binary software are facing similar issues pertaining to wonderful demo success, followed by negative payouts after activating the actual software. If this be the case, these scam-artists have done a fantastic job in disguising their Automated Binary scam as a resourceful trading solution.

The only positive quality I can appreciated about Automated Binary app is the ability to select your brokers from a visual list. All of which range from a selection of regulated and unregulated brokers which is great for those living in restricted countries. Bloombex being one of their choices is certainly the worst broker of them all. However, haveing a reliable broker is one thing, but if its attached to a worthless trading system incapable of producing profitable results, then whats the point?? I hope today’s Automated Binary review has helped enough for you to consider some critical aspects you most likely weren’t aware.

Automated Binary Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Finalized Review Verdict: My recommendation is to avoid the Automated Binary Scam since there are too many questionable factors embedded in this software. Traders need to feel safe in all areas of online investments, by joining a software that ensures confidence, safety and reliability. The mixtures of strategies, indicators and presence of convoluted demos doesn’t reassure me to suggest it safe enough for novice traders.

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When it comes to YOUR money, its best to play it safe and not gamble your funds away. Therefore its important to know which services are trustworthy or dangerous. Visit Prestige’s daily updated blacklist containing avoidable scams and brokers debunked for being harmful to its users. Thank you for taking time in reading our informative Automated Binary Review alert. If you’ve used any features from, feel free to share with us any personal experiences, opinions or feedback by commenting below for further discussions and followups.

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  • Hi Paul, Thanks for the review. It’s a pity I did’nt read it last week. Yes as you described in the review of Automated Binary the demo account has a very high
    % of winning trades but unfortunately that’s where it ends, as soon as you switch to live trading and engage the auto trader the winning trades deteriorate and the losses mount up. Steer clear a total scam.

  • Hi!
    Is Bit Bubble Tech and Bin Bot Pro prifitable. I WANT YOU TO CHECK FOR ME BEFORE I DEPOSIT MY FUNDS INTO THEM.


    Langa LL

    • Hi Langa
      Bin Bot Pro is Not reliable or safe to use anymore. Use caution and best to avoid them.
      Bit Bubble Tech is a much better and safer choice. BitBubble Tech is an automated signal system based on arbitrage strategies, trend analysis and repetitive patterns. However the software itself is very easy to use. Becasue of its automation, it does a lot of the work for you, making it easy for beginners who’ve never traded before. Best of all, it targets both crypto & cryptocurrency pair signals. All you have to do as a trade is choose which signals you want and thats it.

      ™Bit Bubble Tech –

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