Auto Wealth Bot is another SCAM!

By | October 25, 2015

The Auto Wealth Bot Scam is another binary options trading system quickly going viral. We are already receiving inquiries as a result of email spamming from the website. The following is our Auto Wealth Bot Review, in which certain character flaws within their campaign are examined to further understand that AutoWealthBot is a get-rich-quick scheme. was built with a purpose of stealing a trader’s money by promising empty pipe dreams of becoming a millionaire in a matter of months. Kevin Jones, the alleged CEO of the Auto Wealth Bot System claims to have successfully created a wealth-generating auto trader, providing “windfall gains around the clock”. Completion of this ‘super technology’ took almost seven years, and is constantly being tweak to maintain perfection. Unfortunately for Mr Jones here, PrestigeBinary has reviewed many binary option scams in the past, and is quite familiar with formal tactics used by scam-artists.

auto wealth botWith most phony softwares like the Auto Wealth Bot System, the utilization of video testimonials from fake customers is very common. For example, take a look at “Kristina Jones”(above picture), a supposed beta-tester who thanks Kevin for making over $300,000. Don’t be fooled by her pretty face. Katie Harvey, AKA Kristina, is a well known actress who has also been spotted promoting many other binary scam services like “Profits with Cindy”, and our most recent scammer review, The Samaritan System. By exploring her link here,, you’ll notice the similar looking background and furniture in almost all her clips. Ask yourself this question, if you’re a millionaire, then why is your main source of income generated by acting like a professional spokesperson for $5 videos?

We also noticed at the bottom of’s webpage, a series of stamped logos and emblems to assist in portraying as a trustworthy trading solution. If you examine closely, there’s a badge that says “Top Best Broker”. A misleading, yet detrimental mistake that’s been evidently overlooked by the liars and fabricators. The Auto Wealth Bot Program is suppose to be an Automatic Trader which is synchronized to sketchy brokers with whom they’ve partnered with, not a broker its self.

auto wealth bot 2Our intentions here are meant for extracting a deeper understanding about the lack of integrity within the Auto Wealth Bot Scam and its deceptive tactics used to lure traders into “investing” with their bogus system. There is no need to further indulge the fact that  we’re dealing with another scamming service. If we haven’t 100% convinced you to stay away from the Auto Wealth Bot Software, then ask yourself why a “successful” company such as this would need to hire ‘five dollar’ actors to lie about their progress if it really works? Any favorable corporation who can truly produce a prosperous product would allow their success to speak for itself, not a pretty-faced liar.

Our Assessment: Auto Wealth Bot is a SCAM!!!

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Don’t be discouraged if hopes were high in regards to Auto Wealth Bot. Who doesn’t dream about making a substantial income for themselves? In reality, trading services like who promise millions in a short period of time simply dont exist. You CAN make a lot of money with Binary Options, but some research and patience must be applied when searching for Reliable Brokers. Take your time & check our list of Recommended Signal Services and see which best suites your needs. Thank you for reading our Auto Wealth Bot Review and be sure to post any feedback & input below.

7 thoughts on “Auto Wealth Bot is another SCAM!

  1. Jack

    how do they get away with selling a fraudulent binary software? Dont they know that many people like me who are looking into binary options dont have too much money to begin with, which is why i invest in order to make more money??

  2. peter

    A millionaire in a couple months?! Yeah Right!! These scammers keep singing the same song. ive had to learn the hard way that trading systems that promise a quick millionaire in a short time arent real and dont work!!

    Thanks for spreading the word Prestige!

  3. Roy

    Great points you’ve made! I’ve seen that girl before on other binary options scams. It’s no surprise they use her because she’s cute.

    1. PrestigeBinary Post author

      Because the majority of the trading population consists of men, using attractive female promoters is a smart, deceptive way of enticing the idea of investing with a particular trading system

  4. Raymond

    its amazing how these people have no shame in taking peoples money by pretending to produce a “working” trading System.

  5. Felicia

    Thank you for the Review Prestige, im staying away from Auto Wealth Bot


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