Auto Trader Alpha SCAM EXPOSED!!! Real REVIEW on Dangerous System!

This important review will tell you everything you need to know about Auto Trader Alpha and its awful dealings. In short, this automatize trading system is a dangerous Scam which shouldn’t be trusted, depleting everyone’s funded accounts before realizing what happened. At the commencement of investigating by Tim Gold, we were easily able to recognize this scam software from a mile away. The point being made isn’t for bragging, but informing traders we’re actually familiar with this con-artist from previous phony applications he promoted. The entirety of AutoTrader Alpha app is misleading, while contradicting their own lies in deceiving potential clients. Before confusions from positive reviews settle in, followed by submitting you details or making drastic mistakes in wasting your money, carefully examine the following Auto Trader Alpha review to prevent yourself from joining the growing ranks of targeted victims.

Forget about banking $500 – $2000 in daily profits because its not going to happen. The only people receiving any profitable outcomes are scammers themselves by pushing this fraud app towards newcoming traders. After spending countless months posting updates on multiple softwares, certain criterias are followed for determining whether a specific trading software is a scam or safe solution. Unfortunately the platform contains all characteristics a dangerous system holds, and together we’ll discuss some major factors to consider. Lets begin!

Auto Trader Alpha Review: Exposing Truth within Harmful Trading SCAM!

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Beginning with their alleged creator is a crucial detail completely throwing this entire Auto Trader Alpha scam off track. Posing as an ex-Silicon Valley employee, he offers traders an opportunity to become one of 150 beta-testers for using his “nearly perfect” software capable of generating thousands with a 96% accuracy rate. A serious problem that must be understood is Tim Gold is a paid actor from the notorious Fiverr marketplace, hired by scammers to promote worthless applications derived from crooked developers. Apparently his real name is Sean Dennison. Clicking the link provided below verifies he’s lying, diverting you to his active profile gig proving he’s not from San Fransisco, Silicon Valley or binary trader for that matter. Therefore Tim’s supposed background is null & voided. This only causes suspicions by making you wonder what else they’re hiding, right??

Scam Evidence –

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Obviously theses scams don’t want this type of sensitive information leaking out. After all they rely on profiting by taking advantage of rookie traders lacking knowledge of how these sleazy systems operate. A poorly demonstrative display showing how the AutoTrader Alpha scam app operated was clearly edited and cut to their specifications, insinuating $700 profits are easily attainable with ease. Let’s pretend for a moment these exaggerated results were remotely possible, you’d need to be extremely lucky while risking most of your deposited investment. We’ve highlighted additional falsified incentives in our AutoTrader Alpha review used for attracting newcomers with empty promises. Don’t believe these lies:

  • AutoTrader Alpha uses sophisticated algorithms developed by Silicon & New York Stock exchange insiders.” – later contradicts by stating was programed by MIT specialists under Wall Street supervision. The fact Tim Gold cant stick with one story by contradicting earlier statements prove unauthentic.
  • Never-before revealed Hack exploiting top secret loopholes within financial markets, empowering automated risk-free trades without losses.” – Similarly dangerous fraudulent applications like Free Money Guaranteed & Binary Interceptor offering equally misleading promises, always fail to deliver their acclaimed results.

On top of unrealistic facts, harmful trading methods and ill-advised recommendations are thrown at viewers who’re hoping to capitalize on a lucrative software. Tim explains how Auto Trader Alpha System specialized in executing sixty second trades, while encouraging visitors to deposit more than the necessary minimum. Basically stating the more you invest, the larger your returns for justifying his horrible advise. In theory this is correct when practicing with legitimated methods, but not while trading with Short term transactions containing narrow expiration times prove difficult to predict future market movements, in comparison to 15, 30 or 60 minute trades. Majority of damaging systems favor shorter terms for inflicting a sense of fast revenue. Combining Mr Gold’s phony strategies and busted AutoTrader Alpha app, newbie traders will acquire a disastrous recipe for losing money very quickly. 

Fake AutoTrader Alpha Reviews & Lousy Tricks

Before finalizing today’s Auto Trader Alpha review, allow me to reiterated no good deed will arise from this auto-trading failure. Telling novice traders only “150 VIP” spots remain available for those who take action is merely a cheap and cliche scam maneuver for persuading rookies into burning funds before realizing they’re getting scammed. It’s no surprise not being able to verify their social media reviews posted on, quite frankly because they don’t exist. Neither Facebook or Twitter accounts match any existent profiles or names. Auto Trader Alpha scam is not the first nor last trading fraud utilizing such counterfeit tactics. Hopefully our review has shed some light by removing any doubts, and most importantly saved you from another financial nightmare.

Auto Trader Alpha Review: Conclusion & Helpful Tips!

Final Judgement Review – Avoid the AutoTrader Alpha Scam! Dont fall victim to their “special invitations” or spam emails inviting you to Absolutely useless trading App!

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Do you honestly think someone’s simply handing out million-dollar softwares for ‘free’. Not likely! Programs like Alpha System ‘guaranteeing’ unlawful practices tarnish the binary options industry by manipulating everyday traders. Fortunately there are plenty reliable resources & tools utilized throughout the populace providing quality risk-management advantages for its members. For instance, visit our BinaDroid App review, including trade results regarding wonderful applications that’ve been servicing traders worldwide, unlike many signal apps covering fewer countries. Opening demo accounts without restrictions are advised whenever testing out new strategies or autotraders, and be sure to revisit our BlackList section for daily updates informing avoidable scams. Sharing our Auto Trader Alpha review on various social medias will certainly help prevent future catastrophes, and throw back into the abyss. As always, comment below this review with your feedback or concerns.

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