Auto Money Machine is a SCAM – Revealing Review on Terrible Software!

Auto Money Machine is quite honestly a pathetic Scam software for binary options which shouldn’t be trusted under any circumstances. For the most part, traders might be able to distinguish for themselves there’s no sense of realism or professionalism regarding their platform, just by judging on appearances alone. Nevertheless its still important we review this automated trading application in full detail for newcomers who aren’t sure whether or not this system can produce any profits. While investigating by some unknown character named Arthur McCool, several scamming factors were identified which raises suspicions about there legitimacy. Visitors are made to fall under the impression this autotrading bot is capable of generating thousands in pure profits each day on your behalf. But after reading our Auto Money Machine Review, its clear their offerings are far from reality. Don’t waste your money on this cheap money-losing scheme.

Auto Money Machine Scam Review – Worthless Trading Software Revealed

Traders entering will hear loads of rubbish insinuating you’ve found the answer to your conquest of financial freedom. Arthur McCool presents us with a typical ‘rags to riches’ story how he use to be desperate and poor, until he developed this Auto Money Machine software that supposedly banked him a couple million dollars in one year. Now he’s representing himself as caring individual by offering you the same opportunity. Describing his lousy software as the “only powerful system available”, his statements of securing six figures within your first month after activation is outrageous to say the least. In addition to holding a 97% success rate, he’s basically implying its nearly impossible to lose. Now its time to review the facts and expose the lies!

Beginning with Arthur McCool (what a weird name), researching his credentials was a waste of time, met only with dead-end results. For those who’ve watched the introductory videos wihtin their website, you’ll notice how traders are never shown any live footage or facial recognition pertaining to his appearance. Not even a photograph! Rather suspicious considering this guy has created a software that’s allowing members to bank millions in profits. I’ve taken the liberty in searching through various social media portals, needless to say zero matching profiles were discovered confirming anyone holding his name, supporting his alleged accomplishments, nor currently involved within the binary option industry. Its obvious the voice of whoever is narrating these videos could belong to anyone, and certainly not from someone named “McCool”. Theirs no reason for anonymity or mysteriousness unless you’re hiding something. Imposter Alert!

Any REAL Reviews??

Among their stream of falsified information and exaggerated descriptions, apparently 191 people are currently using the Auto Money Machine software and experiencing profitable returns just within this past year alone. I’m curious as to how this extravagant turn of events is remotely possible since the launching and registration of occurred only three months prior to posting this review, confirmed by Who.Is. I’m sure most rookie investors wont know this, so lets examine their testimonials displayed on their webpage.

Remember this guy depicted below? This man who claims he “cant lie about this” is precisely lying to our faces. Unfortunately this particular individual is a known Fiverr actor, one of many performers hired by numerous fraudulent programs for recording false claims about whatever software they’re promoting. He’s been witnessed encouraging the use of other similarly dangerous “million-dollar” applications to newcomers, who’ve suffered severe losses. The essence of actors doesn’t necessarily indicate a potential scam, but here are two simple questions you should ask yourself in this situation: Why not disclose reviews from real users from the 191 clients? With this man’s reputation of endorsing previously proven scams, can you seriously trust his testimony?


Still feeling confident in joining the scam? Certainly anyone who’s come across paths with this trading software was not “accidental” or “specially selected” to join. The essence of luck or fortuitous circumstances doesn’t exist here since most likely you were invited through spam emailing resulted by sleazy marketers. Remember to use caution whenever dealing with autotraders making incredible proclamations of “perfection” or never-losing accuracy. Even the most experienced human traders and programs cannot achieve such accomplishments at a consistent level. Basically its physically impossible. After determining the amount of dishonesty and shay practices utilized by, adopted by most frauds, I hope our Auto Money Machine software review has clarified any doubts, but most importantly prevented you from depositing funds into a harmful gimmick.

Auto Money Machine Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

Final Review Verdict: Avoid this awful Auto Money Machine Scam and its empty guarantees of becoming rich! Think for a  moment if this software were truly capable of profiting millions within a year, would they give it away for Free?

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