7 Figure Challenge Review – 100% Trading SCAM!

By | December 29, 2015

7 Figure Challenge Scam Review

Read the following 7 Figure Challenge review posting before making any moves by wasting money with this questionable trading software referred as the 7 Figure Challenge scam.

Attention readers! There’s no doubt in our minds 7 Figure Challenge app holds zero credibility for being anything but reliable, but its imperative in warning traders regrading the dangers in registering with this 7 Figure Challenge scam software. For newcomers within the industry, 7FigureChallenge.com by Martin Taylor may seem like an exciting new venture with its “guarantees” to millions of dollars on complete auto-pilot. Already we’re receiving inquiry emails from interested traders asking about 7 Figure Challenge legitimacy which concerns us a great deal so its time to set the record straight. But before reserving a seat for this new binary options trading system and throwing them into our BlackList of avoidable scamming softwares, allow me to share with you several inconsistencies with our 7 Figure Challenge review which will surely convince you from making a terrible mistake in depositing with this money-making scheme

7 Figure Challenge Review – Warning! Fake $10000 Giveaway!

7FigureChallenge.com was supposedly created by a team of developers orchestrated by the Martin Taylor scam-artist. Upon entering his website, visitors are led to believe they’ve been invited to trade with a “revolutionary breakthrough” software for simplifying binary trading for those without any experience. According to their introductory videos, anyone who uses the 7 Figure Challenge software is subject to earn one million dollars within their first 27 days guaranteed. But after seeing words such as “guarantee” for a binary option system, we’re quickly reminded of recently examined scams like Guaranteed Payouts, Free Money Auto Trader, and Secret To Success which all proved of being fraudulent automated traders causing many people to lose their entire investment. What’s even more despicable is the crooked creators behind this fraud system have also placed a $10,000 incentive for those who fail in making millions wihtin their first month. Martin Taylor claims to be highly confident in his system and will gladly pay you personally should his auto-trader ever fail. Do NOT fall for this twisted trap. Multiple automatic trading solutions are offering similar incentives where they’ll pay traders for their time, but always fail  in keeping such promises. 

7 Figure Challenge Scam – Nothing but Liars & Thieves

7 Figure ChallengeTypically, the 7 Figure Challenge scam will never reveal its true nature at first glance, but fortunately PrestigeBinaryOptions.com has been exposing multitudes of scam warnings which makes identifying “red flags” like second nature. Martin Taylor is persistent in posing as a genuine individual you can rely on by posting fake indicators from authoritative companies like MSNBC, CNN, and even a BBB Badge from the Better Business Bureau. Of course these prestigious companies are extorted by scammers in order to appear legitimate. But while conducting this 7 Figure Challenge review, no verifiable proof was uncovered in reference to any prior endorsements or acknowledgements from any of these corporations, especially the Better Business Bureau. After concluding their allegations are simply false advertisements, dont be surprised in finding their customer testimonials being equally deceiving. The man depicted above states he’s making thousands every week after he registered with 7FigureChallenge.com.  Too bad we witnessed the same guy promoting another scammy system called New Year Profits (Review) which we showed is just as dangerous. 

7 Figure Challenge Review – Creating Fake Seals of “Approval”

7 Figure Challenge ReviewIf your thinking it cant get any worse guys, think again. While watching Martin Taylor’s video review on his webpage, he insists all screenshots showing his bank accounts, brokerage funds, and testimonies are all verified by a “legal” organization and marked with “certified” seals from the “ISA”.  The ISA (“International Seal of Accreditation”) is described by Martin Taylor as a legit agency responsible for “verifying the legitimacy of all financial claims”. But no Google search for “ISA” or International Seal Accreditation” returns positive with Martin’s information, further proving this alleged authority doesn’t even exist.

7 Figure Challenge Review – Conclusion & Helpful Tips

No point in debating the issue any further. Final Verdict – Avoid their worthless 7 Figure Challenge Scam software.

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Virtnext Remember conducting your own research is vitally important & never jump on the first “shiny” system you find promising grand wealth opportunities like the 7 Figure Challenge Scam. Trading binary options is a lucrative experience but getting involved with debatable programs like 7FigureChallenge.com will only result in heavy disappointment. Yes automatic systems are most favorable among online investors but it doesn’t hurt to learn some basics of broker management and simple strategies. If you want to learn from real live professionals while making money by following profitable trading signals posted in our private group, click the banner below to watch a quick video & learn how to join the best growing trading community. With Mikes Auto Trader, you’ll obtain the best of both worlds with guidance, and a reliable automated trading tool. Thank you for reading my 7 Figure Challenge review.  Any feedback? Share with us by commenting below.

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