• Great review. Thank you for pointing out the facts. I am not so sure about account management, plus I have heard that it could be illegal as well. So definitely staying clear of this one.

  • Your point on Managed Accounts is very true. Certain contingencies must be met with the broker if you want a trader from your broker to trade for you. But in this case it’s the Traders from 5k Daily Profit Club that will be placing your trades, not the brokers. I wonder if you will be tied to the same contingencies using the Profit Club Trader system. Makes me wonder……..

    • exactly Thomas! in this matter the “rules” are unclear. we even submitted our information to access their members area and nothing is explained. Unfortunately you will have to go all the way in signing up to fully understand how they work.
      love the input Thomas, thank you for following

  • Great article! Thank you so much for pointing out that they have only been around for a couple of weeks, that puts everything in a different perspective! Staying away from this and checking out the other alternatives you mentioned.

  • Good information thanks. You clearly pointed out this is an obvious scam. I’ll check out your reviews on reliable trading services and communities. Thanks for your help!

  • We don’t think we will be seeing 5K in our account, but pretty sure if you sign up they will!!

  • Great review. I am really considering this product. There are too many scams but also many good softwares out there.

  • and should they loose your capital… You are not guaranteed an apology note

  • Thank you PRestige Binary. Great Review

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