50K a Week is a Cheap SCAM – Revealing Trading Software Review!

50K A Week Scam Review (Must Read)

A new software known as 50k a Week has just entered the markets and together we’ll review in full detail probably the most pathetic trading Scam released to the public. By listening to the title alone, the message is clear where Josh Harris is offering traders his version of “life changing” opportunities for banking a minimum fifty thousand dollars every single week on complete autopilot. Within minutes into investigating 50kaweek.com, everywhere we looked were signs of scamming characteristics saturating their platform. What’s even worse is the level of misleading information they’re telling day-traders which clearly indicates they have zero knowledge regarding binary options, or they simply don’t care what measure are taken for making 50k a Week Scam appear like a lucrative investment solution. Therefore its time to unravel their BS by unmasking their deceptive tactics with concrete evidence. Read our 50K a Week review outlining why this money-losing scheme is untrustworthy.

50K A Week Software Review – Overused SCAM Tactics Exposed

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Josh Harris is said to be the alleged developer and hard-working founder of 50kaWeek.com, who apparently perfected his own trading algorithms for banking massive profits in short time periods. His story is a bit farfetched as a company named “Genius Tech“, which conveniently doesn’t exist anymore, began crafting preparations for complex equations capable of analyzing financial data at revolutionary speeds. Furthermore Mr Harris and his team supposedly took over this project and improved various aspects of their trading application, allowing 50K a Week software to pinpoint trades with 90% accuracy. Theoretically speaking this sounds quite fascinating as I’m sure most traders in this industry would appreciate such a prototype. Unfortunately the identity and true nature of Josh Harris is mysteriously suspicious, whereas no credible profiles or professional involvements throughout the industry were discovered through any online sources. Except for fake reviews supporting this lousy Scam. If you pay attention to their introductory videos, not once does he show his live face which is very peculiar, in addition to statements proving whoever this character might be is mixing scammer tactics with incorrect trading basics.

For instance Josh is representing a phony gimmick he claims is powerful enough to automatically produce millionaires within a matter of months. His description as to how revenues are accumulated signifies he’s zero understanding on basic broker payouts and ratios. Stating a mere $20 investment will yield upto $340 in  revenue is utterly inaccurate. The average payout percentage ranges between 75% – 85% depending on your brokerage firm. Such errors reveals lack of simple trade principles which is disconcerting for someone claiming to be a self-made millionaire.

As usual, since scams are desperate for making themselves appear like a successful endeavor, commonly used methods of deception like falsified reviews from scripted actors are implemented. Fortunately these con-artists have hired familiar individuals for their testimonials, whom we’ve spotted countless times in promotional footage for previously reviewed online trading scams. The older gentleman is most accurately referred as “the banjo man” from Fiverr, who assisted in promoting fraudulent programs like Millionaire Trader Biz (Review) & the Safe Cash System scam. Both proven completely worthless apps costing traders thousands in lost investments, and now endorsing the 50K a Week scam too! The beautiful blonde can also be found on Fiverr.com as well. Clicking the provided links will redirect you to their current acting gigs. The point being made here should make you reconsider some critical points. Mr Harris has stated 25 happy beta testers are already experiencing wonderful results using his 50K a Week app, which beckons a serious question as to why its necessary to hire services from fake reviews and not testimonies from real users?? Thinking about it….

  1. Old Man – https://uk.fiverr.com/banjoman15   2. Woman – https://www.fiverr.com/jelenakraji/

50k a week review

Now that we’ve clarified some vital issues, a couple more factors will now be more obvious after realizing how misguided and false this trading software truly is. Telling stories of alleged origins is half the battle, where the other part is convincing traders to actually fund money into these crazy gimmicks. In this case, a combination of fake countdown indicators along with a hefty future $6,999 entry fee which will eventually be charged are placed for added persuasion. Visitors are told a maximum 60 participants will be accepted during this new testing phase, but as you watch their advertising clips, that number has dwindled down to 13. The purpose of enforcing “limited availability” is to imply a sense of urgency and get curious newcomers into depositing quickly before realizing they’re being scammed in the first place. Note these scenarios can be reversed as their timers are ‘magically’ reset to its original state just by refreshing the 50KaWeek.com webpage. There’s even a subtle reference pertaining to how aggressive the 50K a Week software conducts its automatic trades, as explained in their recordings how the trading app executes nearly 200 transactions within a twenty four hour period. For the sake of argument, this approach of trading is extremely risky and counterproductive, keeping traders at risk in blowing their entire investment without a chance to recuperate any losses.

50K a Week Review – Concluding Summary & Helpful Tips!

Finalized Review Verdict: Avoid this 50K A Week Scam by the shady con-artist! I hope our assessment has shed light on some valid variables and deterred potential traders from funding an account with a malicious software. Other avoidable scams include; Quantum Code & 7 Figure Months

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For additional insider information exposing similarly dangerous scams, visit our daily updated blacklist containing numerous frauds and less desirable brokers. Don’t be discouraged if you were intending for 50KaWeek.com to be your first autotrading software to try. Regardless how corrupt this application turned out, there are plenty choices for effective services & signal providers in which traders can choose from, limiting investing risks while simultaneously maximizing profitability. Please share with us any feedback or concerns regarding the 50K a Week software by commenting below. Thank you for reading our transparent 50K a Week review post. Cheers!

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