30K 30 Day Challenge SCAM Warning – Serious Review

30K 30 Day Challenge (aka 30K Challenge) is a total Scam. A dangerous and manipulative trading software for binary options created to lose your money. Our team is ready to fully review and expose the 30K Challenge app for what it truly is, a sleazy money-stealing gimmick for deceiving beginners traders and leaving you empty handed.

At Prestige Binary Options, we carefully investigated 30K-Challenge.com by Joey Altair, and realized very quickly how corrupt this bogus autotrading software is. Not only did we find issues regarding falsified information, but 30K Challenge is also twisted with unrealistic guarantees of banking thirty thousand dollars every month for its users.

30K 30 Day Challenge has already claimed many victims by wasting customer accounts with its terrible trading accuracy, and certainly classified as another harmful get-rich-quick scheme. Therefore, we highly encourage everyone who’s thinking about using the 30K Challenge trading app, first read our review for your own protection.

30K 30 Day Challenge Review – Critical Scam Danger Exposed

30k 30 day challenge

Traders entering 30K-Challenge.com can clearly assume what these scammers are promising just by the title alone. Apparently everyone who registers with 30K 30 Day Challenge are ensured the easiest way available for achieving five figure earning every month, for life. Oh, and did we mention traders can do this for “Free”? Yeah Right.

Traders use caution and don’t fall for these outrageous lies. Even if we gave 30K 30 Day Challenge the benefit of doubt it could work by producing such massive result without effort, do you honestly believe this system would be handed out for Free? Absolutely Not. But the reality is simple, this Scam is highly dangerous.

Too many have already fallen victim without receiving any profitable results nor compensations. Its time we review not only why this autotrader app is a scam, but we’ll also be discussing damaging traps these scammers have implemented to ensure you never get your money back. A serious alert all day-traders cannot ignore.

30K Challenge exploits $1,000 Money Trap!

Its labeled in bold letters at the top of the 30K-Challenge.com website, traders either make $30,000 in their first month, or Joey Altair guarantees he’ll give you $1000 for your troubles as a consolation gift. Many scams within the Binary & Forex industry have used similar “cash giveaway” tricks to make their programs seem like a win-win situation. But this main feature is part of what makes 30K 30 Day Challenge extremely damaging.

30k challenge

These sleazy programmers purposely refused to disclose this $1000 cash incentive actually comes in the form of a broker bonus, a legitimate offer provided by most brokerage firms, but ill-advised unless you’re an experienced trader becasue of their strict trade volume requirements which must be completed.

For rookie investors, these requirements are virtually impossible to achieve, which is why combining such features like bonuses with corrupt trading scams like 30K 30 Day Challenge has been a relentless issue causing severe account complications.

Basically once traders realize they’re being scammed, naturally you’ll try to withdraw your money back. But becasue of bonus contingencies, your withdrawals are denied. This allows crooks to profit at your expense. Making your decision in joining with 30K Challenge into a financial nightmare.

Who created 30K 30 Day Challenge Scam?

Apparently some self’proclaimed ‘mathematical genius’ who use to work as a top investor for Barclays named Joey Altair is the scamming mastermind behind the development of this shady software. However, our investigation confirms this this to be a LIE. How do we know? 

30k 30 day challenge review

The image used for Mr Altair is actually a stock photo either stolen or purchased from DepositPhotos. This proves without question this Joey character is merely a figment of scam imagination & manipulation. But this also raises added concerns. If their not being honest about their creators, what other aspects about 30K 30 Day Challenge are they lying about?

Almost every scam you can imagine either creates fake aliases or keeps quiet altogether in efforts to maintain anonymous. Remember transparency is a critical factor when you’re about to “invest” your money. Traders should fee comfortable in their decisions, yet the mysteriousness surrounding 30K Challenge app simply beckons more concerns than approval.

Fake 30K 30 Day Challenge Reviews

A binary options scam simply isn’t complete without the classic touch of phony reviews from paid actors pretending to be successful with fraudulent apps. This 30 Day Challenge scheme is no different from the other frauds we’ve blacklisted over the years.

These individuals you’ve seen within the Joey’s 30K-Challenge.com introductory videos are well known performers from Fiverr, and you can click the provided links which redirects to their active gigs. This confirms they are NOT binary traders nor members of 30K 30 Day Challenge. They’re simply paid to lie and pretend.

Proof: #1 – https://www.fiverr.com/hanoi66/  #2 – https://www.fiverr.com/yourspokesguy/

The use of actors doesn’t mean your dealing with a scam. But i want to point out these scam-artists have a bad reputation for encouraging the use of thieving scams throughout the industry. We’ve seen them in scams such as Elite Millionaire Society, Zen Trader, & Arab Money Machine. Seeing them within 30K 30 Day Challenge is not a comforting sign.

Still Trust 30K 30 Day Challenge?….

There are many other tricks these guys have used for pushing as many traders possible into joining, but we’ve covered the main red flags. Visitors are also informed only 25 spots remain for registering with 30K Challenge, but at this junction of today’s review, who really cares.

Limiting availability is commonly used by a variety of scams for persuading beginner traders to think time is short, insinuating registrations and deposits should be done quickly. Clearly these liars and scammers are desperate for your money. Do you feel safe leaving your money with these faceless criminals? Don’t give them a single penny!

30K 30 Day Challenge Review – Summary & Safe Tips

Final Review Verdict: Avoid the 30K 30 Day Challenge Scam, especially after verifying Joey Altair isn’t real & the 30K Challenge Reviews are scripted. This trading software is dishonest, unethical, and cannot trust it.

(Top AutoTrader. Easy for Novice Traders. High Win Rates. Favored by the Community)

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Making money is possible through Forex & Binary Trading, and with the help of safer & reliable applications, you can easily limit your losses and maximize your profits. The golden rule is to avoid any ridiculous automated trading apps holding claims of easy wealth or ‘millionaire makers’. You can find many of those in our blacklist section.

Thank you for reading our undeniable and transparent 30K 30 Day Challenge Review, we hope it was helpful. If you have any input, concerns or feedback, please share by commenting below. Cheers & Happy Trading!

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